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Moving beyond an early-stage startup is as much dependent on leadership capabilities as customer acquisition. Once companies attain a product-market fit and begin to grow, it is often their internal leadership capabilities that are the determining factor between success and failure. We advise growth-stage startups in a variety of industries on how to grow and improve their leadership capabilities with great success.


Whether it's Data Science and Machine Learning or scalability challenges with technology architecture, growth-stage companies have a unique set of needs. As customers and traffic levels grow, so must system performance. We have extensive experience in high-perormance systems, including real-time systems, in a variety of industries.


Before companies attain rapid growth, they are often able to scale without much in the way of formal process. This ceases to be sustainable when companies reach a certain level of complexity in technology and organizational structure. We help growth-stage startups design and implement lightweight processes that help sustain and increase growth.

Adam Drake

Adam Drake’s professional background spans 20 years and includes a wide range of technical professional and management roles, including: leading technical business transformations in global and multi-cultural environments, performing in-depth technical due-diligence and funding analysis for investors, and mentoring new technical and operational executives. His passion is to help companies become more productive by improving internal leadership capabilities, and accelerating product development through technology and data architecture guidance. His technical interests include online learning systems, high-frequency/low-latency data processing systems, recommender systems, distributed systems, and functional programming.

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Andreas Granstrom

Andreas Granstrom’s background ranges from research in dependent type-theory and functional programming to helping companies gain value from data at scale. Prior to work in the ad-tech and social travel sectors, Andreas most recently worked with companies in emerging markets to leverage their data for real-time credit scoring and risk management. As a technology leader and mentor, Andreas is passionate about inspiring and empowering teams to perform at their maximum capacity through careful guidance and deep technical expertise.

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Vicky Lai

Vicky Lai is a full stack software developer whose interest in technology began with game programming in her early years. She has experience in UX and UI design. Vicky's professional background includes entrepreneurship, being an early-stage COO, advising startups, and leading teams in management roles. Vicky helps companies address fundamental business needs with creative product and technology solutions.

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